Our Vision and Ethos – Statement of Common Purpose


Calder Valley Steiner School seeks to enable children to find their own strengths, to provide them with the inner resources to overcome any educational challenges they face, and to develop in them faculties which will help them to live in the world as creative free thinking individuals.

The mission statement for our school is “Making Time for Childhood”.

The aim of Calder Valley Steiner School is to deliver fully accessible high quality education in a nurturing environment based on the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum and teaching principals.

Steiner-Waldorf education is informed by a deep understanding of child development, based on the philosophy and insights of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925). The curriculum, teaching, and social structure of the school are underpinned by such knowledge, which Rudolf Steiner called Anthroposophy.

The Steiner-Waldorf principles upon which the school are based take account of the growing child’s physical and emotional (feeling) needs, as well as their intellectual needs. Every aspect of the teaching, whatever the subject, is aimed at balancing these needs at each stage of the child’s development. At the same time, each child will be enabled to unfold at their own pace.

The essential aim of Steiner education is to establish good rhythm and balance in all aspects of the child’s development. The Steiner-Waldorf curriculum provides the child with educational challenges at such a time that they can meet them in a way that their interest in the actual process of learning (whatever the subject) is continually renewed. It is the task of the teachers in Calder Valley Steiner School to foster this positive relationship to learning across all subjects. In the kindergarten this approach lays the foundation for subsequent formal education; in the school this lays the foundation for a healthy relationship to the process of learning, thereby laying the foundations for life-long learning.