Staff & Trustees

Nursery Teacher

  • Angie Whitehead – Nursery teacher, deputy Early Years Manager, Nursery Designated Safeguarding Lead, SENDCO, Early Years

Teaching Assistants

  • Amanda Whitaker – Nursery Assistant, Early Years
  • Jade Gordry – Nursery Assistant, Early Years

Stay and Play Teachers

  •  Ingrid Lihou –  Parent and Child Leader


  • Kate Lunn –  Early Years Manager, Calder Valley Steiner Education Designated Safeguarding Lead, Data Protection Officer

Key: Early Years | Safeguarding | SENDCO | Data Protection


Our Charity Trustees:

Richard Bunzl, Chair of Trustees

Richard is a qualified Steiner Waldorf class teacher, and is also a tutor on the North of England Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Studies Programme.

Marilyn Edwards, Trustee with financial responsibility and company secretary.

Marilyn has been a teacher for 40 years having taught Geography for 25 years and music for 15 years. She is one of the founding members of the school.

Ingrid Lihou, Trustee with Early Years Pedagogical lead and Safeguarding .

Ingrid has a wealth of experience teaching within Steiner kindergartens and with teaching the older children upto the age of 14.

You can read more about the duties and roles of our team members here.


Role of Trustees with areas of lead responsibility:

Pedagogy lead.

  • Will meet with the Kindergarten and Parent and Child leads once every half term
  • Discuss paperwork, hear pedagogy concerns, sign post any other concerns, and identify curriculum and training needs
  • Ad hoc session visits, ever half term, to observe and support the teachers
  • Will be contactable for immediate discussions and support re: the curriculum
  • Communicate updates and requirements for the Early Years – SWSF, Calderdale Early Years, ensuring any and all are implemented
  • Instigate annual appraisals
  • Instigate advisory visits
  • Ensure continuous professional development
  • Ensure the Kindergarten Curriculum policy is current
  • Liaise the Trustee with lead for Personnel as necessary


  • Ensure all SEND standards are met
  • Be available for consultation regarding individual children
  • Keep updated with all new legislation
  • Overview of actions/plans to be implemented for individual children
  • Ensure new guidance is implemented
  • Ensure relevant training for staff is up to date
  • Ensure the Nursery SEND Policy is updated annually


  • Available for individual consultation with staff
  • Liaise with the trustee lead for Pedagogy reappraise and professional development
  • Lead for interviewing new members of staff
  • Ensure staff welfare is maintained
  • Ensure all staff files are up to date


  • Be available to discuss concerns with parents
  • Ensure publicity is updated as required
  • Liaison between parents and teachers if required
  • Lead on updating associated policies


  • Ensure all accounts are up to date
  • Liaise with bursar re budgets
  • Ensure Charities Commission is up to date
  • Ensure Companies house is up to date
  • Work with Bursar to set and review budgets
  • Ensure all financial policies are up to date
  • Liaise with Bursar re fee setting etc

Legislation-National and local.

  • Ensure the charity is kept up to date with its legal obligations
  • Ensure all registrations are up to date
  • Address any irregularities as required
  • Identify the need for any further registrations required
  • Identify the paperwork/forms that may be required to be completed
  • Ensure all policies are up to date
  • Identify policies that need up dating and refer to the appropriate lead trustee