Our Organisational Structure


Leadership & Management within Calder Valley Steiner Education


Within Calder Valley Steiner Education our Early Years staff are led by the board of Trustees who are responsible for the leadership and management within the Kindergartens and Parent and Child.

Our Constitution explains fully how and who makes the decisions and at what level.

A Summary of which is as follows;

 Association – is inclusive of parents, teachers and co-worker wishing to join and come to the annual general meeting.

Board of Trustees – elected by the Association and they oversee the legalities, finances and ethos of the school. The trustees meet every three to four weeks.  Trustees have an area of lead responsibility, ensuring quality, leadership and management in those areas.

The Trustees are legally responsible for the development of the charity.

The Trustee with Pedagogy lead – leads the Kindergarten Teachers on a day to day practical level, making any decisions regarding the Kindergarten that require an immediate decision/answer.

The Teaching staff – ensure that their own kindergartens run in an effective and safe manner.