Welcome to the new Calder Valley Steiner Education Centre

Education should not be about learning the knowledge required to pass tests, it should be about preparing children for the journey of life….

Calder Valley Steiner Education (CVSE) will be undergoing a massive restructure in the following months. CVSE will be offering tutoring sessions to support home educated children. There will no longer be a school provision. In an exciting development we will be providing innovative tutored support for home educated children in Calderdale and further a field, for children aged 5 years +. The tutoring sessions will be offered over 4 days, Monday to Thursday, with a range of options available between 4- 16 hours. The sessions will be based on a Steiner curriculum and will cover a range of topics including English, Maths, Geography and History.


Advantages of this new provision are:
• Cost effective support for home educators
• Flexible holidays (non-term time)
• Bespoke support for individual children
• An alternative form of education working with parents and children
• The possibility for students to progress at their own rate in an approach that allows for their individual learning styles
• Meaningful education developed through practical experience and artistic engagement
If you would like further information about this innovative, new provision please contact Kate on 07815 425139.

Nestled in the magical green valley of Cragg Vale, near Hebden Bridge, Calder Valley Steiner School is proud to offer alternative education for children from birth to the age of 12, and beyond.



We offer a secure, caring and homely environment where learning and creativity get to co-exist. With no exams and our own independent curriculum, we’re able to dedicate time to the things that we believe childhood should be full of: play, imagination, creativity and outdoor adventure.

We’re passionate about supporting all children to grow into whole and happy young people, building a bridge between home and the world beyond.

Our school community encompasses families from diverse cultural, racial and socio-economic backgrounds. We offer a warm welcome to people of every culture, race, gender, sexuality and ability, and believe in mutual respect and tolerance for all.

As a small school, we have places available year-round in our classes for all ages at affordable rates.
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