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Further Information

Children with Special Educational Needs

Calder Valley Steiner School considers all children to be special and that every child has individual needs. Calder Valley Steiner School admits children with special educational needs whenever this is possible given the nature of the building we are in at the moment and the needs of the whole group. Every endeavour will be made to accommodate the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual needs of each child. The teachers are committed to developing their expertise in this area by attending training courses and seeking help to improve their practice.

Safeguarding Children

The well-being of the child is of paramount consideration in all protective action. Suitable procedures will be followed to ensure prompt and effective help to children who may be in danger of abuse or neglect. The School follows procedures contained in the local LEA area Safeguarding Children Board’s Interagency procedure and the Local Safeguarding Children Board’s document Guidance for Registered Childcare Providers on Safeguarding Children and Child Protection – a guide to procedure and practice for all professional staff who work with children. This can be accessed on the LSCB’s website and will be updated on a regular basis. The School has a designated teacher for child protection and works with the Calderdale Local Safeguarding Children Board Child Protection Liaison Officer (Tel 01422 392514)

The school has DFCS documents relating to safeguarding available for teaching staff, visitors and parents.

For more information please download:
CVSE Child Safeguarding Policy

Bringing and Collecting Children

It is important that the children arrive on time for Kindergarten and school so that they can experience the whole day and not feel as if they are missing anything. Children must be collected by a parent or a named person with parental consent (preferably written). In the case of separated or divorced parents, custody should be made clear in writing.

When collecting children from the school, parents may go through the Churchyard and wait on the path or grass by the side gate of the school garden. Children can play on the grass, just not on the gravestones please! Otherwise, parents should wait at the main gate on the lane. Parents are requested not to go into the school garden in order to collect their child. Children will always be brought out to them at the school gate.

Using the Yellow Bus

Many of our children travel to and from school by the Yellow School Bus, which corresponds with the kindergarten hours. The HB2 bus, which is operated by West Yorkshire Metro, brings children to and from the kindergarten every weekday. This is organised and run by the parents, not by the School. Monday to Friday the bus starts from Old Town at 9.02, travels down Keighley Road and goes out to Mytholm turning circle, where it leaves at 9.15. The bus can stop at any stop along the route for children. It arrives back in Hebden Bridge at 1.55pm. It costs £1.20 return. Children travel on the bus by themselves, and will have their own designated place. It is usually possible for parents to make the first few journeys with their child in order to settle them in. There will always be at least one parent on the bus to look after the children – we have a parent bus rota that all parents using the bus are encouraged to join. If you wish to start using the bus, before you first travel on it, please contact the parent bus co-ordinator for further details.

Parking and Public Transport

Please do not park or drop children off on the lane at the entrance to the School. The lane is not owned by the school, it is a private lane. The farmers need a wide space and we need to respect that some local residents don’t want traffic, even by the entrance of the lane. Also please do not park in the pub car park, or anywhere on the road over the bridge, until past the pub on the right or the house on the left. If possible please park at the top of the hill, before turning down towards the school – on the left just above the houses/opposite the bus stop.

There is a public bus connection to Church Lane in Cragg Vale. The 900 and 901 operated by West Yorkshire Metro run from Hebden Bridge along Cragg Road.

What to Bring for Your Child

All year: Slippers, plimsolls or soft indoor shoes. Waterproofs and wellies. A spare set of pants, socks, and “bottoms”, e.g. trousers or leggings/tights.
In Winter: Warm outdoor clothes, Wellington boots, hats, gloves.
In Summer: Sunhats and sun cream.

Dress Code

It is important that children wear warm clothes appropriate to the time of year. It is especially important that they are kept warm around their “middle” (e.g. they are well “tucked in”). As regards children’s clothing generally, we encourage parents to ask themselves what encourages good social relations and healthy development? We request that children do not wear clothes that are dominated by logos. These can be frightening or off-putting or simply playing into the hands of the clothing industry by creating demand for their brand as early as possible in children’s lives. Please choose clothing that is suitable (i.e. warm enough for our outside time) and pleasant for everyone else to look at (monster images really do have an impact on behaviour!)

Sickness and Accidents

Please do not bring your child if they are unwell, and allow 24 hours to pass after a high temperature, diarrhoea or vomiting have abated before they come back to the Kindergarten/school. If in doubt please check with the staff.

Minor accidents are dealt with in the Kindergarten. Accidents are recorded and parents informed of the measures taken to ensure the well-being of the child. The staff have paediatric first aid training.

Our Staff

There are three members of Kindergarten staff, including assistants. There are also three teachers for Class 1 and older, and a Parent and Child Leader. The teaching staff are trained as Steiner Waldorf teachers and as mainstream primary teachers. They undertake other on-going training and keep up to date with courses on subjects such as paediatric First Aid and Health and Safety, Multiculturalism, Safeguarding Children and Special Needs.

A summary of the Teaching staffs qualifications can be seen on request. Enquires should be made to Kate (01422 882071).

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