Changes to the Kindergarten in September 2019

Exciting news! The Kindergarten will now be opening for longer days, yippee! The changes are as follows:


The Kindergarten day will consist of 2 sessions, 9am – 11.30am and 12.30-3pm. It will be possible to use NEF hours for these 2 sessions, totalling 5 hours per day. It will be possible for children to attend one or both of these sessions daily.

There will be a daily lunch time session, 11.30-12.30. This will be at a cost of £5.00 and will include lunch.

We will be accepting use of 30 hours NEF as we do now. (For the morning and/or afternoon sessions)

We hope that this will encourage and enable more working families to join the Kindergarten and support the families that we currently have within our community

It has been agreed that the kindergarten will go up to age 5 years.