A tribute to Derek Edwards

Many of you will already have heard about the death of our dear friend, Derek Edwards. Derek was Marilyn’s husband and until very recently was the person answering the school phone from their home at Wicken Hill where so much of the administration for our school has been based. Not only has Derek been a wonderful stand in school secretary for so long he has also made many of the lovely wooden structures which you will see around the school, such as the wooden sign, the houses in the kindergartens and the lyres which we use. Derek had suffered chronic illness for the last 10 years or more but whenever he was well enough he was always very keen to help us and I know that this generosity of heart extended to many other people also. Many of our Festivals were held at Wicken Hill Farm before we bought our present building and Derek has always been a great source of encouragement for all that we have sought to do in developing the school over the past 12 years. Derek will leave a big hole in so many lives and we will all miss him but we remain grateful for his kindness and all he has done for our school.

We send Marilyn and all the family our love and thoughts.

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