Our Lantern Festival

This week we celebrated the old festival of Martinmas with Class I and II telling the story of St Martin, after which everyone lit their lanterns for a walk around the churchyard. The children had made beautiful lanterns on the run up to the celebration, and it was a magical scene to see them walking along the path singing the lantern song. The celebration was finished with a small bonfire and soup and bread which the children had also helped to make.

This festival celebrates the story of St Martin who as a Roman soldier gave away his cloak to a poor beggar. After a dream in which he was thanked by Christ for giving Him his cloak, a new life of service to others began for Martin the soldier. For the rest of his life he strove to practice unconditional love towards all his fellow human beings. So a wonderful sentiment; a Festival of Sharing; food, light & warmth of friendship.

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