Class 2 & 3 School Trip (July 2014)

This was the first residential school trip for our school and was planned amidst much excitement. We decided to set off from school and walk to the camping barn below Studley Pike. We felt that a first trip in a barn rather than tents was a safer option given the vagaries of the weather though as it turned out the weather was fantastic.

We walked to the reservoir where we were joined by a parent in her 4-wheel drive and one of the children who was unable to do the walking. We had a long picnic and play. The drivers then set off to take the food and bedding to the barn; a long journey up a very rough track. The rest of us proceeded slowly over the moor and down to the barn.

We arrived at the barn at the same time and settled in and made ourselves at home. The barn is very big with lots of room to play and a great kitchen for cooking. Luckily for us we had brought a cook with us (Helen) so we had pancake breakfasts and cooked our own pizzas. There is also a fire pit so we had a big sausage sizzle the first evening and Helen made her famous chocolate chapattis. We also tried chocolate marshmallows!

The garden was great for playing, with rope swings and trees to climb and lots of space to run. We made ropes on one of the days and also went stream walking/paddling/ swimming in the nearby stream. The children were fantastic and apart from the fact that they hardly slept (and therefore nor did we!) it was very relaxing and great fun.

We are now looking forward to next year and 3 nights away!

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