Easter cafe Thursday 29th March

To all our families,

It is our Easter café on the Thursday 29th March. We hold this café every year to fundraise and support another school/charity.

This year we will be splitting the money made at the café between two charities – The Kerry West Orphanage Project and People Empowered Preserved Earth.


The Kerry West Orphanage Project – https://www.kworphans.com/

The Kerry West Orphanage Project was founded in 2009 following a trekking holiday that Kerry went on. As part of the trip Kerry visited a local primary school and befriended a young girl called Susan. The following day on a walk in the mountains Kerry met Susan again and was taken to her home.  There she met Prossy and her husband John who were caring for a small number of orphaned children.

On her return to England Kerry kept in touch with the family and sent small donations to help them. Following John’s death Kerry became more involved with the family and a plan was formed to provide more constant support. As Prossy took in more and more children the Kerry West Orphanage Project was formed.  The project currently supports over 100 children in the Lake Bunyonyi area.  Many are orphaned due to Aids and others are under the care of the project because their parents cannot afford to look after them.

There are over 65 children now boarding at the orphanage with several others attending the school on a daily basis.  Several of the secondary aged children currently attend and board at schools in the local town of Kabale.

People Empowered Preserved Earth – www.pepe.org.uk/

People Empowered Preserved Earth (PEPE) was established in January 2010 to support a development project and school created in the heart of the poverty stricken region of the Transkei South Africa. The people behind PEPE have all been touched and inspired when volunteering or working with these projects. After seeing the many empowering changes being made in the local people they were moved to volunteer their time and effort to support these organisations.

The Centre for Appropriate Rural Technology (CART) in Sicambeni and Sisonke School in Port St Johns are projects that have brought an innovative and fresh approach to their fields. They seek to empower individuals to lead an independent, holistic life through positive education and positive student involvement. Through these innovative methods many people’s lives have been positively changed in the communities they work in.

Through imbuing the principles of respect for self, for others and the environment these projects encourage people to live a sustainable life using water management, permaculture and sustainable homestead building skills that reduce dependency on local and national government. Together CART and Sisonke School create a powerful model for change by empowering children and adults alike.



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