New Year & New Website for CVSS

September saw the start of a new year for Calder Valley Steiner School. Last year’s Class I are now Class II, with new children beginning Class I. We also welcomed many new children into our Kindergartens. Everyone is settling in wonderfully and enjoying the Autumn sunshine. Thank you to all the parents and staff who worked so hard during Work Week to prepare the school for the new arrivals.

We are also very excited to present our new website. We hope you will enjoy this glimpse into our school and Steiner Education.

Here on the website you will find more information on the education we provide, from Parent and Child groups, through Kindergarten to the School. For more in-depth information on Steiner Education and the school’s policies please visit the Admissions page and download the relevant documents. Our Events Calendar contains all the dates for events held both within the school and those open to the public, and our News page will keep you up to date with everything happening at the school.

You can also join our newsletter to be sent a monthly round up of all the Calder Valley Steiner School news.

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