The Big Spring Clean

Join us for the Hebden Royd Big Spring Clean – Just 2 hrs Spring Cleaning outside areas can help raise funds for our school. The event is organised and sponsored by Hebden Royd Town Council and each group of 6 people that takes part will receive £60 towards their charity or project.

Sat 29th or Sun 30th March

Any time you want over the weekend – it could be for one hour each day… You can join a group or you can do some whenever you want.
Just let Jan know which area you’re happy to help clean. If you want, you can decide at the weekend when to do it. Our children can assist, and have fun with the litter pickers provided, or they can play in the park areas while we have fun with the litter pickers!!!

Park areas you could help to tidy are:
Calder Holmes Park (Hebden)
Hebden memorial gardens & bus stop
White Lea Rec (Mytholmroyd)
Scout Rd Park (Mytholmroyd)
Cragg Vale Park
Canal towpath/Footpaths
…Or any public areas you love that you’d like to help clean

Litter pickers, gloves and bags will be provided by the council and can be collected from the Town Hall/via Jan

Definite groups & group leaders below:
Sat Morn: Hebden memorial Gardens & bus stop, where the kids get on – Sally (& Eddie)
Sat Morn (from 10): Calder Holmes Park – Jan (& Holly)
Sat Aft (2ish): White Lea Rec – Jan (& Holly)
Sun sometime! Cragg Vale Park – Jan (& Holly)

Please let Jan know if you’d like to join one of these groups, assist tidying another area/would like to do some in your own time.

I need to know numbers by this Friday, the 21st

Jan: 882190 / 07504 693497 /

This is a great opportunity to raise a couple of hundred pounds or more for our school – be great if you can join in!
For further details see link…

Big Spring Clean 2014

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