The Home-school Hub

Are you disillusioned with high school?

Is your child struggling to learn in a busy school environment?

There are other ways! Come and discover our Home School Hub, supporting home educated children!

What does the Hub offer?

  • Small groups
  • Bespoke education, where the work is tailored to the child
  • Skills for independent learning
  • A supportive, nurturing environment
  • Self-initiated learning
  • Lots of opportunity to exchange ideas, opinions and debates

What is the Hub?

The Hub is 15 hours of tutored learning, based on the Steiner Waldorf curriculum, designed to support home educated children. We’re able to provide for a range of age groups, so get in touch to find out if there’s space for your child.

What do they cover?

The tutor-led sessions cover English, Maths, Drama, Craft, Art, Spanish and Geography.The key content to the main topic is always focus on numeracy and literacy.















What about social time?

The children have social time built into the day, with movement like basketball and juggling.

What kind of topics does the Hub work on?

The Hub’s current topic is Astronomy.

How do you approach Independent learning?

The children are allowed to explore their own interests when they pick a focused independent project. The project can be anything of the child’s choosing which they will independently research over a  7 month period, bringing their work to class throughout the process to discuss and gain guidance. The project will then be presented to the group as a 15 minute presentation.

Want to hear more?

For more information on joining our home-school hub, contact Kate at or call on 07815 425139.