Welcoming Class I

In September Calder Valley Steiner School welcomed Pippa Colebourne as our new Class I teacher. Here, Pippa explains why leaving the kindergarten and entering Class I is an important transition in a child’s life.

“A special ceremony was held in July for the children that would be leaving our kindergarten and beginning their journey through school life with Class 1. The ceremony involves leaving the kindergarten teachers to walk through an archway of willow, jump over a rope and then be received by their new class teacher. A strong emphasis is placed on this transition as starting school is a very important journey in a child’s life. In Steiner schools the children will have the same class teacher for the whole of their primary school years. A strong bond is formed between the teacher, children and parents, a relationship that has the luxury of developing and deepening over time. In the fast pace society we live in today so many profound and deep experiences get watered down by the hectic ‘been there done it’ experience of the 21st century. In Steiner Schools we slow things down and remember the little but essential things in life… love, security, care of the environment, rhythm and deep lasting relationships. We help to enrich a child’s mind through a broad curriculum of subjects imbued with stories, painting, nature, games and poems. The arbitrary aspect that can sometimes cloud school and learning is far away as we approach each day with enthusiasm, joy and a true sense for the wonder of life.”

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