School & Kindergarten Fees




1.Kindergarten 3-5-year olds


The school offers free NEF funded hours (15hrs per week) However if you wish your child to attend more than 15 hours a week the additional charges are set out below.


Number of additional session per week – Monthly

1                                                                      £86.70

2                                                                     £173.40


2. School (and children in Kindergarten aged over 5 years doing 5 days.)


2017-2018                                               Basic Fees

Children 5 years and above                £5197.50 or £433.31 per month

doing 5 days a week

Discounted fees for parents               £4189.50 or £349.13 per month

with a low household income


3. Lunch monies.

The school provides an organic, healthy, vegetarian lunch for children in the Kindergarten classes (up to the age of 6yrs).

All lunches must be paid for at the beginning of the month.

Dinner monies can be paid by standing order, annually, termly or monthly.


                      Annual Cost                  Monthly Cost        

5 days               £380.00                       £31.67

4days                £304.00                       £25.34

3days                £228.00                       £19.00

2days                £152.00                        £12.67

1 day                 £76.00                          £6.43


NB some families will be entitled to free lunches.


4.Bursary Contributions.


The school also has a bursary fund, to help support our families who may have run into difficulties. This may be as much or as little at families can afford. For families who pay fees a 10% contribution is the suggested amount. However, contributions to the bursary can be a one off amount also.

NB there currently isn’t any money in the bursary fund.


5.Siblings Discount


Please note that if there is a sibling’s discount applied to the fees of your 2nd/3rd child there will be a £200 materials amount to pay in addition to the fees agreed (per child)

The percent of sibling’s discount you receive will depend on your circumstances and will be discussed on an individual basis at the financial interviews in July.


6. Additional screening costs


If you are receiving a discount of any type (sibling, teacher or reduction) parents will need to contribute/fund any additional individual children’s requirements, i.e. dyslexia screening.


The fees will be changing as of September 2018.




CVSE Finance Team May 2017

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