“My eldest son was at Calder Valley Steiner School between the ages of 3 (kindergarten) and 11. I couldn’t have imagined a more nurturing and fulfilling environment for him to be in; there was not a single day when he did not want to go into school. I firmly believe it was a fundamental ingredient in him becoming the healthy, happy, confident and considerate boy that he is now. His transition at 11 into secondary school was entirely smooth and easy. He was immediately valued by his teachers for his ability to think for himself (rather than simply repeat what he had been taught) and consequently in his first year was placed in the AMA (‘Academically Most Able” a debating society comprising the top five academic pupils in each year. His younger brother has been at Calder Valley Steiner School for the last 5 years and is showing a similar level of confidence and ability, a great deal of which I attribute to his school. I would highly recommend the Calder Valley Steiner school to any parent wanting to offer their child a healthy, loving and fulfilling education.”

Francis Eliot


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