The Calder Valley Steiner School Organisational Structure


School Association

The organisational structure of Calder Valley Steiner Education is a self governing learning community, based on a holarchy (nested hierarchy).  The purpose of the school association is to represent the interest of its member over the long term. Each parent and member of staff, is automatically a member of the school association (AGM) when they join the school.

 The Board of Trustees

The board of Trustees is responsible for the effective governance of the school. It appoints all members of staff on behalf of the association, it delegates responsibility for the effective management of the school to the School Manager and the Senior Management Team. The School Manager and Education Coordinator have designated authority for the day to day running and decision making within the school.

Chair of Trustees- Richard Bunzl

Richard was educated at Michael Hall Steiner School before going on to study music at university.  After receiving his PhD in music and philosophy from the University of Leeds, he has been active both as a writer and as an educator.  He is a qualified Steiner Waldorf class teacher, and is also a tutor on the North of England Steiner Waldorf Early Childhood Studies Programme.

Marilyn Edwards

Marilyn has been a teacher for 40 years having taught Geography for 25 years and music for 15 years. She is one of the founding members of the school.

Rory O’Neil


The Senior Management Team (SMT)

The SMT is responsible for monitoring and supporting the work of all the school support teams and the College of Teachers and is accountable to the board of Trustees. The teams responsibilities are management of the school which include, short-medium term intentions whilst holding and awareness of what is in the best long term interest of the school. All the main school teams are represented on the Senior Management Team.

School/Early Years Manager and Chair – Kate Lunn

Kate has worked in the school since 2010 and has a background in nursing and Leadership and Management within the NHS.

Educational Coordinator (acting) – Richard Bunzl

Richard is one of the founding members of the school and sits on the board of Trustees. He is Steiner educated and teaches on the NESWEC course as well as supply teaching at the school.

Chair of college of Teachers- Pippa Colebourne

Pippa has worked at the school since 2013. She has a background in Steiner education.

Lead for Parent & Child – Sally Wilson

Sally has worked as the Parent & Child lead since 2009. She is Pikkler trained and has a vast experience of working with young children under the age of three.


The College of Teachers (COT):

The COT has the responsibility for the pedagogical governance and the development of the education.

The COT consists of a Heterarchy of staff who are committed and are able to help carry responsibility for the inner aspects of developing the education and holding the spirit of the school. College members are teachers who are committed to Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of education.

Chair of College – Pippa Colebourne

Richard Bunzl

Angie Whitehead

Sally Wilson

Sally Linton

Maria Alcahuz


School Administration:

The school administration team is made up of the School Manager Kate Lunn and the Admin Assistant Amy Cheetham-Maloney and its role is the day to day administration of running the school.

School/Early Years Manager: Kate Lunn

Admin Assistant: Amy Cheetham-Maloney

Data Protection Officer: Kate Lunn


If you would like to see a copy of the schools Constitution document follow the link below:

CVSE Constitution May 2018





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