The School

“I couldn’t have imagined a more nurturing and fulfilling environment for my son to be in; there was not a single day when he did not want to go into school.”

Our school is based in an old Sunday School building nestled in the green valley of Cragg Vale, runs Monday-Friday, 8:45am – 3:oopm.

We currently have spaces available in all classes throughout the school.

The school follows the European model where formal education starts around age 6. All our subjects are taught in an artistic and creative way in small classes, with the same teacher staying with a class from Year 1 up to leaving the school.

Our school follows a Steiner curriculum and currently offers the subjects of Music, Science,  Spanish, Woodwork, Gardening, Drama, Art and Handiwork. Our class Teachers weave the subjects together while following the seasonal flow of the year to help children develop transferrable and flexible skills.

The school has recently achieved a Bronze Award on the Woodland Trust’s Green Tree Schools Award.

If you would like to arrange a visit, please contact us or attend one of our frequent open days. For further information please see our admissions page.

“I firmly believe Calder Valley Steiner School was a fundamental ingredient in him becoming the healthy, happy, confident and considerate boy that he is now.  I highly recommend it to any parent wanting to offer their child a healthy, loving and fulfilling education.”

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